Welcome to BALTec Industries Inc

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BALTec Industries Inc. is a company devoted to servingthe Robotic and Automation Industry.

Baltec Industries Inc. is Miller Welding Automation’s inhouse service and repair center for Panasonic teach pendants and welders. We also provide onsite preventative maintenance, upgrades and repair of robots and controllers.

Our company is the North American distributor of HKS Prozess Technik GmbH, the European leader in arc monitoring equipment. Having more than 20 years personal experience in the welding industry, we bring not only advanced technology and quality products to the welding industry, but also our expertise in automated welding processes.

We supply our air motors to various industries including the food industry, the chemical industry and the welding automation sector. Our Randstandt planetary gearbox line is one of the most compact units in the automation industry. These products are able to transfer large torque values utilized by companies producing electric motors, step motors and brushless DC motors.

Panasonic teach pendant repairs

Baltec Industries is the Panasonic Factory Solutions Company of America and Miller Welding Automation US service center for Panasonic Teach Pendant repair.

Models of Panasonic Teach Pendants
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    G3 Teach Pendant
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    G2 Teach Pendant
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    Type A Teach Pendant

To send your Panasonic Teach pendant in for repair
email baltec@baltecinc.com or call (815) 624-0787


G2 or G3 teach pendant

The G3 Teach Pendant has two columns of Roman numerals on the left side. It is the Model number AUR01060. G3 teach pendants can be switched between cells as the correct software will be loaded from the controller when it is plugged in.

G2 Teach pendants have one of the following model numbers. AUR01047, AUR01053,
AUR01054, AUR01058. A G2 teach pendant must have the same version of software as the controller it is plugged into to operate correctly.

To determine which software is running on your G2 teach pendant :
After login, scroll to the icon of a book with a question mark on it on the top of the screen to the far right. Click on the book icon and then scroll down to “version” The software version will normally be a capital letter and a number, for example “R1”, “S1”, “X1”, “X3”,